Site Contributors

If you have a question or 
would like to suggest something 
to be posted on this site:

Please contact the appropriate organizational editor below:

Boylston Lodge: Brother Don Lagasse
Franklin Lodge:
Level Lodge:
Matthew John Whittall Lodge:
Morning Star Lodge:
Trinity Lodge:
Quinsigamond Lodge:
Central Mass Scottish Rite: Brother Jeffry Ross
Central Mass York Rite:
23rd District Event: Brother Lucas Lagasse

In the case that you not have the individual's personal contact information
Send your contact details and your request 
to this address:
Brother Don Lagasse serves as your friendly publisher
 and we will forward the information onto your Organizational Editor
(Requests with no specific details will not be processed)
Everyone here is a volunteer and time is precious.
Contact the editors only when you have all the information required.

Information the editor will want to know:
  • Official Event Name
  • Day and Date
  • Hours of event
  • Address of the event
  • Cost of the event
  • Members only or is the Public invited?
  • Full event description using Grand Lodge guidelines
  • Sponsor & Contact information for pre-event questions
  • A flyer if one is available
  •  Your contact information as a reference for the editor only.